Brand Fuel

(Core/Vocation Sphere | Unconscious Mars)

🚀 Here we find your Core Talent that you are here to share with the world. 
 It relates to the 9 months in utero when you were imprinted with the collective core wound of your lineage.
 The sphere reveals your deepest potential, transforms suffering, motivates you to excel to experience your divinity. 
 Your Vocation gives you the fuel and initiative you need to carry out your mission. It fuels your Brand Archetype (Life's Work). 
 Of course your vehicle needs fuel to power it! Learn the unique, high octane fuel your business is powered by.

Vocation & The Spine

Did you know that the embodied principle of the Vocation is the spine? The Pearl Sequence is really about EMBODYING your true genius in the word so you can serve your own life and the whole.

  • Your spinal column is the first place where you can begin to tune into the prosperity of life within you.

  • You will walk more tall, you will feel physically stronger, emotionally calmer, and mentally clearer.

  • A healthy spine aligns your subtle bodies, it deepens your breathing, and helps you feel capable of dealing with any challenge life throws at you.

  • The beauty of your spine is that it combines strength with flexibility and firmness with flow.

  • Feel the currents of prosperity flowing through your central nervous system, feeding your brain, softening your heart, and aligning you with your highest destiny.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • BRAND FUEL | Part of a Greater Journey

    • 🚀 Your Brand Fuel

    • 📕 Brand Fuel Workbook

    • Brand Merkaba Blueprint

  2. 2
    • 🚀 Teaching: Brand Fuel

  3. 3
    • [🚀 REPLAY] Core Wound and Vocation Sharing

    • [🚀 REPLAY] Breakout Discussion & Sharing: Taking Initiative & Service

  4. 4
    • 🚀 [REPLAY] Creative Expression: Building Your Integration Key Code

    • Building Your Hexagram

  5. 5
    • Supplemental Courses: Core Sphere & Sacred Union

    • BBD Micro (Recorded 20 min Readings)

Part of a Greater Journey

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