Live Course Begins

April 13th, 2021

Portals of Deconditioning

April 2021 - April 2022

The Intention: 

Deepen your Understanding

Go beyond your own profile

Alignment, integration, transformation, embodiment

Preparing the world for the Trivian beings - what can WE do to come into our wholeness, healing and empowerment?

Help decondition as many people as possible before the mutation of 2027


1 year around the wheel

365 days around the wheel

64 transits

A year of deconditioning not-self and aligning with your True self

Begins in the 3rd Gate (Beginnings): April 17 - 21

Ends in the 42nd Gate (Endings)

What is included each transit:

Weekly FB Lives with Bella, Ashley & SImone: our personal experience and check in

Weekly Group Zoom Meetings: Teaching & Embodiment Practice

Our personal contemplations

Earth & Sun


The 64 Door (Access to Library and Paid Content (Workbooks, Meditations etc.)

Siddhi Alignment

Programming Partner Transit Journal

Embodiment Practice

Soul Communication


What's Included?

  • Weekly Transit Teachings

    Live on zoom together. Teaching & Embodiment Practice Every week for a year as we travel through the portals and connect to the archetype during the transits

  • Meditation Activations & Healing

    You can expect custom meditation visualizations and energy healings.

  • Resources

    Workbooks/Journals for each portal (64 total), physiology link, Seven Sacred Seals (when applicable), Siddhi Alignment, Programming Partner Transit Journal, Embodiment Practice

  • 64 Doors

    Access to free Library and Paid Content (Workbooks, Meditations etc.)

  • Soul Communication

    Simone Gers, Soul Whisperer, will channel the soul of each transit archetype.

Claim Your Seat for our Year Long Journey

The Path to your True Self

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Course curriculum

Pricing Options

Select a plan that is right for you. Commit to a year and pay in full or pay in installments. OR choose to pay month to month to feel it out and cancel anytime. Most savings for PIF option.

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Your Guides

Ashley Nichole, Bella Krystal and Simone Gers

Quantum Facilitator

Ashley Pfeffer

SPIRITUALITY - PARENTING - BRANDING - GENE KEYS - HUMAN DESIGN Expansion happens as you evolve on all levels. Discover your genius, open your heart and give back to the world authentically. Ashley bridges the wisdom of the Gene Keys and Human Design to help you align with your Divine Blueprint. From this place of alignment all things are possible! Her enthusiasm will activate your inner child. And as a creative catalyst she will connect you with your own creative spark within. Ashley is a master initiator that brings innovation and peace of being to people in life transitions (between the endings and beginnings). When you can find peace in being yourself, you stop comparing and competing with others. You are able to fully express your genius and show up healed, whole and empowered. This is where the magic happens and altruism begins.

Quantum Facilitator

Bella Krystal

DNA ACTIVATION - GENE KEYS - HUMAN DESIGN - KUNDALINI “Follow your own unique rebellious spirit out into the world.” Bella weaves many paths into one, threading tantra and shamanism into everything she does. Gene Keys & Human Design reveal the gifts and challenges encoded in our DNA and empower us to transmute shadow patterns into gold. We start living to the fullest - aligned with our Genetic Blueprint and Soul - serving the whole through our creative expression. Enlightenment isn’t about transcending the physical body - it’s about grounding in our physicality and opening the heart. We allow life force to move through us, with its extraordinary power to unlock unprecedented levels of awareness, divine trust, love and intimacy.

Quantum Shaman

Simone Gers

Through Soul Communication and Soul Surgery, Simone works with people to discover what the soul can do in this reality. Soul Communication is an inquiry that leads us closer to the truth of what the soul has to express. Simone facilitates the sacred marriage between the soul and the personality and the synarchy of the body and soul. Through each engagement and the merging of soul and body, souls move closer to their truth in embodiment and experience ever-expanding expression through the personality. Soul Communication is preparation for Soul Surgery, through which clients report experiencing what it is to live from the soul as experienced through Soul Communication. Each Soul Communication is a different way of opening the door to the soul—when you’re ready, Simone would love to open a door with you and dive into the well of multi-dimensional experience and explore the pathway of realization.